What We do


What We do

Handmademedia is the first pure hand paint outdoor advertising company in sweden. Founded in 2017 with the firm belief that to create exceptional storytelling for brands, talent commitment as well as weatherproof clothing are essential. We bring the long forgotten art of building brands through hand painted outdoor advertising back to our hometown with a goal to brighten up your neighborhood and at the same time make a huge online impact.

Today we have permanent inventory of ”high impact” walls in many parts of Stockholm where the Handmademedia team can create unforgettable storytelling for brands wowen into the dna of the city.

With a team of highly skilled painters, creative directors, producers, builders and real estate operators we are well equipped to take on any kind of assignment, regardless of weather.

Dealing with the side effects of large scale footprints

No matter what you put on the market you will make a footprint. We are not a perfect company, not even close.

Since we are all about creating large scale footprints for our clients there are a number of ways in which we can do this without interfering to much with mother earth.

A few steps

• We only use environmentally friendly, water based paint. This is good for the houses we paint, for the painters who paint them and for everybody breathing the air of our city

• We try to drive our skylifts on electricity only, we are not 100% there yet

• We try to have as many transports as possible on and off location with electric bikes.

• We will rather say NO to a brand or a message that we think might cause concern than to reap short term profits

• We strive to make OOH a more integrated and beautiful part of the city

Since this is always a work in progress, please feel free to give us feedback, this list can be longer with your help.